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Karlyn Holloway

Artist's Statement


It is hard to convey the innate need to create. I just know for me it's as important as breathing.  My love of drawing began with sketching models from the newspaper and portraits of my friends in high school. Though I have been working predominately in oils and watercolors for the last few years, drawing is still the foundation of my work.

     I love to learn about art history and am intrigued by the techniques of the old masters; but I want to bring something new to the easel. My style is based on a realistic tradition, though letting the mood or message I'm trying to convey dictate the medium and extent of realism.

     Much of my inspiration comes from the patterns of shadows and the subtle, luminous colors that are often overlooked. The message I seek to convey is that the world around us has a story to tell if we view it with our imagination and heart.






Contact Info

Email: k_holloway43@hotmail.com

Phone: 501-941-3908