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Glenn Beasley





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Artist's Statement


As artists, I feel we are pulled to a certain subject, style and method that speaks to us or moves us in some way. For me, that is the human face and while in a broad sense this is called portraiture, any scene that includes a recognizable image of an individual or group of individuals will hold my attention. This is not to say that landscapes, still life, etc., do not interest me, for in fact they do, just in a different way. While commissioned portraiture takes up the majority of my time, I try to find a way to work on my own creations and compositions and continue to grow as an artist. My style is realism in whatever manner that is defined in this century and draws inspiration from a pool of artwork that spans the last 500 years including the present. I paint in oils exclusively while my drawings continue to explore many different mediums and techniques. While I constantly study and try to improve, I feel it is important in both style and technique to gain knowledge and insight from many different artists/teachers and not slavishly follow or imitate one particular person, style or method. "