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Shirley Homsley












Artist's Statement

Why do I paint?  A quote I once read, “Artists don’t choose to be Artist, they have to be Artist”, states a fact that art chooses you… you don’t choose art.  I have always had that passion to create something.  A blank canvas just brings an excitement to me, like a blank wall that is void of beauty that cries to have that void filled. I do not limit myself to subject matter.  It may be what catches my eye or something I feel needs an introduction to the ever passing eyes.  Sometimes it is the subject itself, the textures, the contrasts of light and dark or a color scheme. I paint in oil on linen covered board which I prepare myself  to fit  my subject.   My work will always be in a realistic style.  My studies over the years of the “Old Masters” has patterned the methods and styles of each of my paintings.